About Us

At EquaMe, we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by focusing on project excellence in all areas of service. Our in-depth clinical research, pharmaceutical regulatory and industry knowledge and wealth of experience are matched only by our client-centric focus and commitment to our customers' peace of mind in a very cost-effective manner.


We are full-service Pharmaceutical Consultancy Organization that partners with local and global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in their drug development programs and market authorization. We also have the means and competence to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs and therapies for a wide range of therapeutic indications with efficiency and complete confidentiality. We focus on quality and add value to our clients' drug development programs by evolving various strategies to ensure timely

execution of various projects and cost-competitive services. Therefore, we envision ourselves as the leading Pharmaceutical Consultancy Organization in the region with a renowned reputation worldwide.


Our Mission

To offers tailored solutions to companies, institutes and professionals and create successful partnerships by providing technical and logistics support combined with scientific, strategic and legal framework. We also aim to provide a dynamic and innovative environment that fosters the development and marketing of pharmaceuticals and biological products and nurturing the culture of excellence.